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Company Profile
Company Profile Customers
Customers as screen printer manufacturer (current as of Mar, 2015)
Listed companies 54 companies and group companies listed on the first and second sections of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and Osaka Stock Exchange
Industries Leading companies in industries such as electric and electronic components, precision equipment, automobile manufacturing, semiconductors, chemicals, steel, glass, textiles and fibers, gas, and printing
Research institutions 14 national and public universities and research institutions
6 prominent private universities
Printing-related companies 709 printing companies, assembly companies, and plastic/metal processing companies
Overseas companies 16 companies in 9 Asian countries
2 companies in 2 Middle Eastern countries
2 companies in 2 North American countries
1 company in 1 South American country
2 companies in 1 East European country
*For privacy reasons, we are unable to disclose the names of these companies and organizations. Thank you for your understanding.
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