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Environmental Measures

Fundamental Principle Image of environmental measures
Considering environmental preservation, we grapple with a whole category of measures to protect the global environment.

We recognize that improving the global environment means protection of lives and properties of all human kinds. Thus we continue to conduct improvements based on common recognition that it is the most critical challenge to improve the global environment.
Basic policies
  1. We comply with laws concerning corporate activities stipulated by the national government and local authorities, etc.

  2. We make efforts to disuse, decrease and properly treat hazardous substances used in our manufacturing processes.

  3. We work toward resource and energy saving.

  4. Insuring separation of waste materials, we work for reduction of the amount of waste materials and recycling.

  5. We work toward environmental preservation in collaboration with our affiliated companies and local communities.

  6. We make all of our employees aware of importance of environmental preservation, thus raising their consciousness about it.
Efforts for environmental protection
  1. Promote electric power saving of our products

  2. Efforts to make our products as compact as possible

  3. Take measures to minimize the size and parts count of the painted/plated portions of our mechanical components.

  4. Measures to decrease the count of parts, switches, etc. by simplifying our manufacturing equipment.
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