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Privacy policy
Our concepts regarding personal information
"Website of Seritech Co., Ltd. (hereinafter called "this Site") provides a variety of services for you without disclosure of your personal information (your name, e-mail address, address, phone No., age, etc.) However, we may also ask you to provide your personal information for certain services. In that case, we hold your privacy in high regard and ay close attention to protect your personal information.
Personal information collection
This site may collect customers' personal information as necessary when we do "materials distribution" to provide the better services to customers. For collection, we confine its purpose within narrow limits as mush as possible, and we don't collect any personal information other than required to achieve the purpose of collection. In addition, we follow lawful and fair procedures.
Confidentiality and Security
For the security of personal information from customers, this Site designates a responsible person (our staff) in charge of the security for appropriate management as well as for avoiding information leakage to the public. In addition, to protect against unauthorized accesses from the outside, or risks of missing, breaking, tampering, etc., we conduct safeguard measures of a proper and reasonable level to exert ourselves for protection of personal information from customers.
For access to the data base or others related to personal information, this Site limits the right to access to certain employees only. We also strictly protect such information in-house against unauthorized use.
For other corporations or bodies in business alliances with us, we conclude security protection/confidentiality agreements with them so that they manage personal information appropriately as we do.
Use of personal information
For using personal information collected by this Site, we use such information in a limited range as necessary to achieve the purpose of collection, and we fully pay attention not to damage the rights of customers.
If personal information is provided from customers, we may send from this Site or our subcontractors some information, which may grab customers' attention, by e-mail or other means.
If customers do not desire to have such information, this Site or our subcontractors will stop sending such information after having contact from customers.
Disclosure of personal information
This Site shall not disclose customers' personal information to third parties without customers' consent; provided that we may disclose/provide such personal information without customers' consent if required by either laws or authorities such as courts, the police, etc.
Disclosure, Correction, etc. of personal information
If a customer itself requests to have its own personal information disclosed, we will immediately disclose such information except the cases that we have a big trouble in performing the business of this Site or there are possibilities of hampering personal life, health, property or other interests.
If a customer itself requests to have its own personal information corrected or deleted, we will immediately deal with it. In this case, as far as there is a reasonable cause for such correction or deletion, we will immediately do correction or deletion.
Continuous improvement
With regard to handling of customers' personal information, we will review the above provisions from time to time, and continuously improve them.
If you have enquiries about your personal information, please contact us by e-mail or e-mail format.
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