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Product details
Emulsion coating machine / Sensitive film application machine

Full-automatic coating machine  Unmanned & Clean  Easy to manage due to the rack-to-rack method  S-tec  "10-year warranty" sticking to quality

Installation of the full-automatic coating machine makes it possible to finish screen plate making equivalent to that is emulsion applied and dried in a Class 1000 clean room.
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Features pagetop
Different from the simplified type machines or the small type machines which are unstable due to the body smaller than the plate frame, all of our coating machine models consist of a sturdy body, a linear guard-rail running mechanism driven by servo-motor and timing belt, and a touch panel type operation panel. Those machines finish consistent application membrane surfaces, and are provided with long operating life and operational ease; which can not be achieved by our competitors' machines.
Functional features:Setting and application can be done regardless of the face (P face or S face).
Useful to check if any impurities stick to the plate surface and to monitor the application status
Can be used for application of sensitive films
Product photographs pagetop
Opening to bring the plates in and out
Opening to bring the plates in and out
Specifications pagetop
Application specifications
  1. Possible to make application on P face and S face individually, and on the both face at the same time
  2. Random application setting up to 9 times at one time
Possible to repeat 4 cycles of application processes of the above steps 1 and 2 including drying processes
Outline of the machine Outer dimension of the plate frame 950×950
The other different 4 sizes are available.
Machine configuration 2 drying machines, 1 application device, 1 automatic emulsion supply device, 1 bucker edge wiping device, 1 humidifier, 1 moisture monitor, 1 moisture display unit, 2 temperature display units, 1 automatic set-up device, 12 mesh tension break detecting sensors (12 units in 4 locations)
Machine size W4000×D2850×H2150
* As a sister model, a full-automatic application machine is also available which consists of one each of application device and drying machine.
Possible to set only 1 cycle of application processes of the above steps 1 and 2 including one-time drying process
(Suitable for corporate users who make application in volume for plates of different plate frame sizes. Labor saving and practical type)
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