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Emulsion coating machine / Sensitive film application machine

Plate making machine for screen printing Coating machine for coating two plates (in parallel) at one time  Work efficiency of coating two plates with one machine  S-tec  "10-year warranty" sticking to quality

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Seritech's coating machine is neither a simplified type nor an unstable small machine of which main body is smaller than the plate frame. All Seritech models consist of the sturdy main body, the linear guard rail traveling system with the servo-motor drive/timing belt, and the touch panel control desk. All machines are provided with a long duration of life and a high operational performance, ensuring uniform coating surfaces.
Machine features: Coating is available after the setting is made freely without specified positioning of P & S surfaces.
Helpful in checking any foreign matters stuck on the plate surface and monitoring the coating status.
Useful for putting direct thermal films.
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Coating machine for coating two plates (in parallel) at one time Coating machine for coating two plates (in parallel) at one time
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