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Screen printers: Three-color continuous printers for textile and non-woven fabric applications  CA-0511  Delivering three-color continuous screen printing

Model: CA-0511
Print size: 1,100 × 500 mm
This model can also be manufactured in other sizes.
Features pagetop

More rigid mechanism provides higher print precision.

Safety-conscious design interlock function between front and back area sensors and a back confirmation response sensor.
The ability to print continuously in three colors yields improved workability and higher production efficiency.
Product descriptions pagetop

This model is capable of printing continuously in three colors.

Machine design
Loading stage > No.1 color printing stage > No.2 color printing stage > No.3 color printing stage > Unloading stage

The CA-0511 can be operated by two workers: one who stands at the start position and loads products into the printer, and another who unloads printed products from the printer.

Options pagetop
A post-printing drying stage (consisting of an infrared heater, warm air blower, or UV dryer) can be added to enable printing on plastic products, film, metallic products, and rubber products.

Operation can be automated by adding a work loader and unloader (rigid products only).

Product photographs pagetop
Front Side
Front Side
Overall Control panel
Overall Control panel
Specifications pagetop
Model CA-0511
Design Total of 5 stages (1 loading stage,
3 printing stages, and 1 unloading stage)
Machine size 5600 (W) × 2550 (D) × 1700 (H) mm
(including protective covers)
Weight 5500kg
Power supply 200 V, 3-phase, 6 kW
Air supply At least 0.5 MPa, 30 NL/min
Max. printable area 1100mm × 500mm
Print operation Normal (squeegee/scraper), double-squeegee
Table size 1300mm × 600mm
Drive method Caterpillar movement
Max. work thickness 0.1mm to 20mm
Plate rise during cleaning 300mm
Max. frame size 1400 × 920 mm, 35 mm thick, fixed air clamp
Control panel Color touch panel with error message function
Power switch Manual switch
Work height 900mm
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