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Pad printing materials

High-quality Silicon Pads

Seritech manufactures silicon rubber pads in a variety of special-order shapes and hardness grades. Customers can choose between high-quality silicon rubber with no hardness variations and our standard rubber.
Features pagetop
Choose the product thatís right for the object being printed from an extensive selection of more than 400 shapes, 5 hardness grades, and 5 rubber quality types.
Materials are mixed and formed using our proprietary technology to yield quality and durability that earn high praise compared to competing products.
Consistent print quality improves productivity and lowers production costs.
Seritech can also manufacture pads in special shapes to meet customer needs.
Product descriptions pagetop
Pads are available in 5 quality types, each of which can be identified by the color of the rubber used.
Quality level 1 (yellow rubber)
Fast printing start-up; suitable for printing areas of solid color.
Quality level 2 (white rubber)
General use; suitable for most printing applications.
Quality level 3 (reddish-brown rubber)
Exceptionally durable; suitable for high-speed printing.
Quality level 5 (green rubber)
Uses a type of rubber designed to keep the pad surface from being degraded by ink.
VAR ink type (white rubber)
Suitable for use with VAR ink from Teikoku Printing Inks.
Blue One (blue rubber)
Developed to prevent static build-up; also suitable for use with UV ink printing applications.
How to read pads
Pads111 White-2 Model number:111 Hardness grade:White Quality:2
Base paint color (indicates hardness grade)  Model number  Pad color (indicates quality)
How to read the hardness grade
Different pad hardness grades are available for the 1, 2, 3, 5, and VAR types as shown in the following table. Selecting the right hardness grade will ensure good print quality. The hardness grade can be identified by the paint color on the underside of the base.
Paint color Symbol Hardness value Hardness grade Quality combinations
Blue BU Shore value of approx. 1
Quality 1, 3
Red R Shore value of approx. 3 Quality 1, 3
Green G Shore value of approx. 6 Quality 1, 2, 3
White W Shore value of approx. 12 Quality 1, 2, 3, 5,
Black BL Shore value of approx. 18 Quality 2, 3, 5
Although durability varies with the customerís desired print quality standards, usage varies from around 20,000 to 100,000 shots. When selecting a pad, you can increase service life by choosing a slightly larger model and reducing the amount of force applied to it.
How to read the pad chart
Pad base material  AP:Aluminum  HP:Wood  Max. print area
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High-quality Silicon Pads
High-quality Silicon Pads
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