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Product Introduction
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Product details
Screen printing machine   Automatic machine

Screen printing machine for printed circuit boards/name plates  Cute-5090  With cover Realized improvement of printing accuracy and numerical (digital) control  S-tec  "10-year warranty" sticking to quality

By means of adding required mechanisms among our wide choice of options, we can complete screen printing machines suited for a wide variety of purposes/applications.

Squeegee scraper air pressure mechanism (Exhaust pressure mechanism to avoid pressure of higher than a preset pressure value)
Features pagetop
Our development concepts are usability and finish quality.
As the back face is flat, the machine can be placed in contact with the wall; thus making it better to fit on the floor space.
All the setting items can be numerically controlled, avoiding print errors.
Product descriptions pagetop
4 sturdy main pillars securely support the table.
Digital display of squeegee printing pressure/scraper pressure (equipped as a standard device)
Squeegee scraper air pressure mechanism (Exhaust pressure mechanism to avoid pressure of higher than a preset pressure value)
Options pagetop
Model Cute-5090 with 500mm 900mm print size
Available with safety cover and front area sensors.
Other major optional specifications
Machine equipped with an antifoaming device (for void-less) useful for padding or sealing printing
Machine with a safety cover - The drive unit is totally enveloped by a transparent cover.
By means of adding options, Cute will satisfy a wide variety of applications regardless of various industrial fields, management systems, and gradations.

Year 2007 model is made geared for faster and smoother.
Print size: 500×900
with the cover closed
with the cover closed
Machine equipped with the full options (Print circuit board spec.)
Double Squeegee mechanism
(With automatic setting, both the left and right units can be used as a squeegee and a scraper scraper.)
Reverse face sweeping mechanism for resist printing
(Possible to set reverse face sweeping for all positions of the after-printing/before-printing/intermediate.)
Squeegee angle adjustment mechanism
(This helps to cover the portions where it is hard for resist ink to enter due to a particular pattern.)
Start position overlapping function
Timer function for separation of the work and plate
Vertical Float Type Squeegee Pressure Mechanism (Seritech Original Technology)
I As long as the squeegee makes contact with the work, the squeegee applies the same pressure ensuring the ability to print the same color with the same thickness.

Allows printing of indented concave surfaces and the inside of right-angled surfaces.

III Allows fine-grained control of squeegee pressure, making it an effective option for use with fine patterns.
Micrometer-order digital display of clearance (between plate and table) (optional)
Micrometer-order digital display of clearance (between plate and table) (optional)
Double squeegee device (Optional setting)
Provided for printing with Metal-mask plate/Stainless steel plate
Double squeegee device (Optional setting)
Product photographs pagetop
with the cover closed with the cover open
Cute5090 with the cover closed Cute5090 with the cover open
Front cover and area sensors Printing unit
Front cover and area sensors Printing unit
Squeegee unit Control panel
Squeegee unit Control panel
Specifications pagetop
General specifications
Dimensions W1950 × D1600 × H1500
(See outline drawing.)
Weight Approx. 800kg
Power supply 3-phase 200V/2KW
(Customer is responsible
for connection to power source.)
Air supply 30N/lmin, min. 0.5 MPa
(Customer is responsible
for connection to air source.)
Print area Max. W920 × D520 mm
Table W1200 × D600
Table adjustment XY±10mm θ5°
(with dial gauge)
Table vertical adjustment 150 mm (fixture adjustment range: 40mm)
Table horizontal adjustment 300 mm
Specification details
Frame dimensions W1400 × D900 (thickness: 40mm)
Work thickness Max. 40mm (including fixture)
Safety sensors Installed at front opening (3 photoelectric sensors)
Table vertical adjustment Digital display
Peripheral safety cover Steel with inspection windows on both sides
Control panel Located at top left of machine
Table timer Installed on control panel (can be set as desired)
Squeegee swing Operates when printing is complete
Off contact Linked to squeegee run
(with speed and start adjustments)
Vacuum Effective 920mm ´ 520mm (Ring blower)
Air equipment Cylinders, solenoid valves, etc.
(manufactured by SMC)
Control equipment Relays, magnets, etc.
(manufactured by Omron, Mitsubishi, Fuji)
Sequencer FX type (manufactured by Mitsubishi)
Casters With adjustable bolts
Seritech provides 2 copies each of the User’s Manual and electrical schematics at the time of delivery.
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