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Product details
Screen printing machine (Automatic)

Tabletop type compact screen printer SS1520  Low price & Easy operation  print table designed to move diagonally up and down

SS1520 compact screen printer (tabletop type) with print table designed to move diagonally up and down

This affordable screen printer overturns the conventional wisdom that manual printing processes are not compatible with consistent results or mass production applications.
Features pagetop

This compact model features a space-saving design.

It’s easy to operate, even for individuals who are using a machine for the first time. Designers have minimized the number of switches in the interest of simple operation.
The table comes forward, making it easy to insert and remove work.
The printer uses a 100 VAC power supply so that it can be used anywhere. (The supply voltage can be changed for overseas models.)
Product descriptions pagetop

Squeegee and scraper speeds are variable.

Squeegee and scraper downward pressure settings are variable.

The print alignment can be fine-tuned by adjusting the table.

Accommodates everything from the maximum installable frame size to small plates.

Product photographs pagetop
SS1520 SS1520  With pedestal (option)
SS1520 SS1520
With pedestal (option)
Specifications pagetop
Print speed

1,200 prints per hour (with 250 mm print width)

Frame dimensions

370 × 250 (max.)

Print target thickness 0 - 100mm
Print surface dimensions W200mm×D150mm
Machine dimensions W500mm×D660mm×H620mm
Print alignment

Table fine-tuning with lever handle lock

Power supply Single phase - 100V
Drive system

Air cylinder

Heavy duty 56kg
SS1520 size
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