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Screen printing machine (High Precision Screen Printer)

High Precision PCB Screen Printer TSP-PC6464-HDI Single TABLE

Giving the process with the latest machine tools made in Japan, Germany, we produced a German electrical and electronic components built from Japan. The overseas production machine.
ISO9001, we have produced in the manufacturing process that is guaranteed to ISO14001.
For legend,photo-imageble Solder Resist(PSR)ink’s“plig-via” and “Non-plug-via”, High density interconnection(HDI)ect. high precise printing process on the Printed Circuit Boards.(PCB)
Product descriptions pagetop
Innovative Design
Twin table processing, coordinates with bi-direction printing by double squeegee + screen X/Y movement (option) + equalizing system, innovatively designed to achieve excellent performance and high precision, effectively solved problem with neglect printing and residual ink pollution, achived perfect plug-via hole effect, greatly upgrades output & lower reject rate.
Solid & Accuracy
Solid and light weight aluminum profile structure with top class drive & guiding systems for fast, stable, smooth run & accurate positioning in high energy effeciency.
Fast Setup
With all handy adjustments,settings & memories fot fast setup.
Wth emergency stop switch, safety restored and automatic error diagnose system for full safety protection.
Leverage indirect Peel-off Printing Head Carriage
Leverage indirect Peel-off Printing Head Carriage
Pressure Control Registration adjustments
Pressure Control Registration adjustments
Pressure Control Registration adjustments
Fixed and can move the ON / OFF Registration adjustments
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High Precision PCB Screen Printer TSP-PC6464-HDI
Specifications pagetop
Working table size(D×W,mm)


Vacuum area(D×W,mm)


Max. print area(D×W,mm) 640×640
Mini. print area(D×W,mm) 300×300
Max. frame area(D×W,mm) 1100×1100
Mini. frame area(D×W,mm)


Frame height(mm) 25-42
Substrage thinckness(mm),
panel + jig


Table height(mm) 950+30
Table speed(mm/sec.) 1100
screen micro adjustment(X/Y,mm) ±10/±10
Table adjustment(X/Y,mm) Fixed and can move the ON / OFF
Screen adjustment(X/Y,mm) ±5/±5
Screen-up clearance from stroke(mm) 350
Peel-off stroke(mm) 0-25
Print Pressure(kg) 100(Max)
Squwwgww inclination angle(º) 20±15
Print head skew-angle(º) ±3
Print head speed(mm/sec.) 20-365
Capacity(P/H, Full speed full stroke) 600
Power source 3φ,200V/220V/380V,50/60Hz
Power consumption(kw) 2.2
Air source(kg/cm2) 5-7
Air consumption(l/cycle) 4.49
Dimension(W×D×H,cm) 158×250×150
Weight(kgs) 1080
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